"Thank you for the Grabbers - I love (heart) them!"   - MIRANDA LAMBERT, ACM Top Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, & Video of the Year


"I really like JeanGrabbers.  I had previously ordered (xyz product) a month or so ago and have since returned them.  They were extremely difficult to use.  The JeanGrabbers are much easier to use and hold my jeans in my boots nicely.  I have been a country dancer for years, and so it's important for me to have my jeans stay secure in my boots.  Your product is definitely superior to the others available."  - Maureen


"LOVE< LOVE< LOVE them.  They are so comfortable you do not even know they are there."  - Michelle


"My JeanGrabbers work great!  I wore them recently with my skinny jeans and Frye harness boots and there wasn't a baggy leg in sight.  Thank you!"  - Owner,


"I bought them for me - and I love them!  They are great and so easy to use!  They definitely help the "mushroom knees!"  I will definitely recommend to all my friends.  Thanks for a great product!"   - Ashley


"That was really fast shipping!  I love these things!  The clips are small and very comfortable... I can't believe how little they cost and how much use I am getting out of them.  I am going to buy some more to give to my friends.  Thank you!!" - Beverly


"Received them and they are fabulous!"  - Sheila


"I absolutely love my JeanGrabbers.  They perform exactly as advertised and are working great... Great customer service!  I will definitely purchase from you again and refer all of my friends to you.  Thank you!"  - Nicole


"They are great and comfortable.  They are better than I expected.  You have a wonderful and useful product.... I am really glad I found your website."  - Sandy


"The JeanGrabbers are working great!  I have referred all my friends to you.  Ya'll have the best customer service I have ever seen... I know I will be using them for a long time, and if I am ever in need of more, I know who to contact.  You guys are awesome."  - Melissa


"They are exactly what I expected, had a pair years ago (in the 80's) and could not find them, had looked everywhere.  I was really impressed with how quickly I received your shipment.  I use them almost daily.  Thanks!"  - Kelli


"I love them!  I had actually bought another "competitor's" brand and didn't like them at all because of the way they attached to the jean.  But yours are great and pretty comfortable too.  And yes, I absolutely would tell friends about them.  I am very happy with your product!"  - April


"They are fantastic, love them..... Thank you."  - Mandy


"I got them and I LOVE them!!  I have worn jeans in my boots for a year or so now, and I've been so annoyed each time I stand up from a sitting position b/c of the jeans bunching at the knees.  Not anymore!  They are so comfortable, and I honestly don't even know I'm wearing them.  You can't feel the clips on the sides of your ankles at all.  It is now so easy to put my boots on, rather than tucking them into my socks... which is what I used to do!  Thanks so much for a fabulous product!  My skinny jeans and stylish boots thank you too!  I actually pulled them off last night in a car full of girlfriends to show them your product!"  - Laura   


"They arrived on time and are just what I'd hoped they'd be!  Thx!"  - Amy


"I LOVE them!  They are so far superior to (xyz product) it's not funny.  They hold on well, are easy to affix and cute to boot!  Wonderful product.  You need to be on "as seen on tv" with these things!  I've spread the word... I knew yours would work when I saw the photo of them on your site.  Thanks again!"  - Linda


"I just received them this afternoon, thank you so much!  I am happy with my purchase, it is what I was hoping for.  Thanks again!"  - Anonymous


"I didn't like the bulky feeling of tucking my jeans into my socks when wearing my (boots.)  It was quite a process to get my skinny jeans tucked in just right.  They never really looked right & there was always that buncy stuff going on at the knees.  These are wonderful and easy to use."  - Bev


"Good morning JeanGrabbers!  Guess what...?  I am wearing them now and they are just perfect!  Thanks a bunch, glad I found you - I think some friends will be buying them. :) "  - Lori


"Your customer service is truly exceptional!  I have used your JeanGrabbers more than once now, and I am very happy with them!  Thank you again!  I will definitely pass on my positive experience with your product and your company to my friends and family."  - Vivian  


"I like my JeanGrabbers and have recommended them to my fashion forward friends.  I found that I roll my jeans twice and attach the jeangrabber onto my jeans with the knees slightly bent... usually on the backside of my ankle bone.  I've worn them all day and guess what - no mushroom knees.  Thanks for a great product!"  - Jessica 


"I am very happy with them and will recommend them to others.  Thank you!"  - Anonymous


"I love my new JeanGrabbers.  They work perfectly!  Thanks!"  - Heather


"I received them and wore them - they were what I hoped for.  They work just like I expected and are quite comfortable.  Thanks!"  - Linda


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