“So many boots, so little room!!”  What’s a boot-lover to do?   Grab a BootGrabber!  These gorgeous devices hang on any standard door and hold up to six pair of your favorite boots.  Best of all, they require no precious closet space - a wardrobe lifesaver! 

Made of beautiful yet durable fabrics, BootGrabbers will keep your boots "off the floor and on the door," so you can see all your boots.  Choose from classic denim, tiger stripe, and colorful floral.  Better yet, try several!  

Doors are wide enough to easily hold two BootGrabbers, some even three.  That’s 18 pairs! (Sturdy door suggested.)

Product specs:

BootGrabber Clip

BootGrabbers are made from durable, heavy weave fabrics including chenille, denim and faux suede.  A stout over-the-door hook is included that can hold up to 50lbs.  Six darling boot-embossed clips in nickel finish also included, with specifically designed padded jaws to prevent damage to boots. 

Package contents: 1 BootGrabber, 1 over-the-door hook, 6 embossed nickel clips.     


BootGrabbers Shop

Choose from sleek classic denim, racy tiger stripe, or colorful floral.

An industrial over the door hook is included which will hold up to 50lbs. 

Six darling boot-embossed clips in nickel finish are also included. The clips have padded jaws to prevent damage to boots.

Choose your pattern::Tiger Stripe


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