JeanGrabbers offers several styles, supreme comfort, and great prices. Made from the most perfect elastic with adorable prints, they are adorned with chic, boot-embossed clips in hip metallic finishes. Uniquely constructed for the specific purpose of wearing inside a fitted (or not so fitted?) boot, these essential accessories will keep your look sleek and smooth (no more mushroom knees!) 


JeanGrabbers will keep you feeling great, too! They are made with "Just Right" design:

 "Just Right" hardware - won't poke, rub or chafe sensitive ankle and heel areas!
 "Just Right" strap - not too wide to create more pressure than you need on your instep
 "Just Right" material - JeanGrabbers are durable, and will satisfy your fashion desires wear after wear!
 "Just Right" tension - will keep your jeans in your boots, right where they belong, without feeling like you are wearing an industrial apparatus!

JeanGrabbers move with you, the way you want to move.  You won't even know they are there… (and neither will anyone else!)

How to wear:

Create a cuff by folding your jeans up a few inches until the fold is above your ankle. Fasten the clips on the fold just behind your ankles. To increase or decrease tension, simply adjust the size of your cuff. One size fits all! 

Product specs:

JeanGrabbers are made with printed elastic, and embossed, metal finished fastening clips.

Package contents:

A pair (2) of JeanGrabbers, with instructions on how to wear.

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JeanGrabbers Combo Pack-
JeanGrabbers Combo Pack
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